What Our Clients Have To Say...

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for doing an outstanding job calibrating both my projector and my 55". Using your services was worth its weight in gold and everyone that sees my picture quality it truly blown away.

Don B.

Over the years, Richard has done numerous installations and calibrations of my home theater. He has shown incredible knowledge and aptitude in his work. His attention to every detail of this technology is amazing. I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending him for any job requiring audio/video installation.

Aida B.

By George I think you’ve got it! There is enough going on here to keep me amused for a few lifetimes. Thanks for your patience and persistence. It exceeds my ideas of what a sound system could be. Thank you.

Murray L.

Richard Stokes and Finely Tuned Technologies showed me the difference between TV and entertainment. Once Richard was finished getting my home theatre finely tuned, I realize now much I had been missing with both the picture and the accompanying audio. Movie night at our house is now an event!

Dean M.

Richard has both the creative eye and the technical expertise to get the best picture possible from my display. The difference is night and day.

Gary B.

I like my movies and as the new technologies come to market, I rely on Richard to integrate each one into my home theatre. His passion for detail gets it right every time.

Don J.

The video is definitely a lot better, but the sound….wow. The evening after you did the calibration, we sat down and watched a music DVD….Elton John's 60th Birthday at Madison Square Garden. My wife said, "I can't believe how great the sound is!" It was just like being at the concert, but with better views.

Barry S.

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