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Demonstration of 3d rendering of an office space designed by CADvantage Design

Your Smart Home Made Simple

Transform Your New or Existing Home into an easy-to-use Smart Automated Home Within Hours, Not Days

As a Brilliant Pro Certified installation company, we provide fully integrated home automation solutions. The award-winning Brilliant Smart Home System makes it easy for homeowners, families, and guests to control lighting, shades, doorbells, locks, cameras, music, climate, intercom, scenes, and more from a single Brilliant app. It integrates seamlessly with the top brands in today's smart home category. No more hubs, unsightly wires, countertop clutter or switching between multiple apps to control your smart devices.

Installs in place of any light switch

  • No special wiring required
  • No smart hub required
  • No ongoing programming
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • No ongoing fees
  • Free automatic software updates
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Smart Home Automation and Entertainment Systems

It is very satisfying to provide a client with an automated and/or home entertainment system that
compliments their personal environment, technology needs, and tastes

- Richard Stokes, Principal Finely Tuned Technologies
Lighting Automation

Lighting + Shading

Wellness Lighting - Not Tuneable Lighting
Experience the scientifically proven wellness advantages of Human Centric Lighting. Seamlessly transition your new or existing lighting and manual shading system, into an automated system.

Smart Security Automation

Smart Security System

Be the first to know when doors and windows are being opened by connecting all your alarm components to a centralized system, allowing you to easily view their status and receive instant notifications on your mobile device.

Climate Control Automation

Climate Control

Effortlessly control the temperature in buildings, offices, or homes using proven technology, ensuring comfort and efficiency. Manage the system remotely when away, allowing seamless adjustments.

Automation of TV & Music

TV and Music Systems

Home automation seamlessly incorporates TV and music systems, providing tailored lifestyle options while maintaining exceptional picture and sound quality for an improved and convenient entertainment experience.

Network and Wifi Automation

Network and Wi-Fi

Modern residences necessitate a dependable and strong Wi-Fi network throughout the entire premises. Smart home automation systems heavily depend on this network to ensure consistent and reliable communication across all connected devices.

Home Theatre

Home Theatre

From Lens To Living Room
“Suspension of Disbelief”. This is the movie directors single artistic intention. Every soft whisper, dynamic musical soundtrack, colour intensity and hue, recreated to perfection in your home by our THX and ISF certified team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our home automation and home entertainment systems. Can't find the information you are looking for? Reach out to us and we will be happy to assist.
What are the benefits to me of adding a smart home automation system?

In essence, smart home automation epitomizes progress—a fusion of innovation and accessibility. It's about leveraging technology to enhance the quality of life for all, making daily routines smoother and freeing up time for more meaningful endeavours. Why manually perform a repeatable daily task when you can automate it once and enjoy the ongoing benefits effortlessly?

Convenience and Efficiency

Smart home systems allow you to automate and remotely control various features of your home, such as lighting, window shades, climate, home security, electronic locks, music systems, with voice commands, custom smart scenes, and all from a single Brilliant app.

Security and Home Systems Monitoring. The ability to monitor and control security features from anywhere gives you peace of mind and adds an extra layer of protection to your home.

Smart home systems provide advanced security features that will help protect your home and family. They typically include security cameras, motion sensors, door/window sensors, and smart locks. These devices can be integrated into a central smart security system, allowing you to monitor your home in real-time. You can receive alerts for any suspicious activity, and remotely grant access to trusted individuals, or even simulate occupancy when you're away to deter potential intruders. Smoke detectors, water leak, and freeze sensors can also send notifications in case of emergencies, providing early warning and helping to mitigate potential damage.

Energy control and cost savings

Smart home systems enable you to optimize energy usage, leading to reduced utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint. By automating the control of lights, thermostats, and appliances, you can schedule them to operate only when needed or adjust settings based on occupancy or time of day. Smart lighting systems can automatically turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.

In summary, installing a smart home system can revolutionize the way you interact with and manage your home, providing you with a range of benefits including convenience, energy efficiency, security, and the ability to adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

What are the unique benefits of a Brilliant Smart Home System?

Ease of use, Interoperability, affordability

Ease of use. Brilliant makes living with and using a smart home system child's play. If you are comfortable using a mobile app then you can confidently use a Brilliant Smart Home System with ease.

Interoperability. Brilliant works seamlessly with the top-tier smart devices on the market today and is continually adding additional smart partners as the smart space grows. This means you can create comprehensive automation and control scenarios by combining devices from different manufacturers of your choice. You are never pigeonholed into somebody else’s single-minded smart home philosophy and budget.


The Brilliant Smart Home System can be installed into any new or existing home without installing any additional wiring. Just replace any standard wall switch with the Brilliant Control Panel and you now have the foundation for a complete smart home system. Add smart devices as required such as smart dimmers, smart window shades, smart thermostats, smart door locks, smart garage openers, smart leak detectors and more.

How long does it take to install a Brilliant smart home automation system?
It will depend on the complexity of the system you would like to install. For example, the Brilliant home automation control panel can be installed and programmed in a couple of hours. Each additional smart feature such as lighting, security cameras, music systems, window shades, garage door, and climate control can also be installed and programmed within hours. In short, anywhere from one day to less than a week for the most popular Brilliant home automation system packages.
Do I need a separate app installed on my mobile or tablet device to control the multiple devices in the Brilliant system?
The Brilliant Smart Home System combines all of your smart device apps into one Brilliant Control app. No more swiping or shuffling though multiple apps to control your smart home devices. Now that’s Brilliant.
Do I need special wiring to install a Brilliant smart home automation system?
The Brilliant system does not require special wiring as it works with your home’s Wi-Fi. You simply replace your regular light switch with a Brilliant Control Panel and you have now installed the foundation for a whole house automation system.
What kind of lighting do you recommend for the different areas within a family home or condo?
Residential lighting options can be broken down into three major categories: general lighting, task lighting, and specialty lighting. Within these categories, there are three main lighting requirements. Daytime lighting, evening or nighttime lighting and special event lighting, such as task specific or multi-coloured lighting.

Natural daylight lighting will have a more balanced red, green and blue colour spectrum.

Natural evening and nighttime lighting have less blue light, which is critical for a healthy sleep cycle. Similarly, just like natural sunrise and sunset lighting, the lighting in your home should change from daytime to nighttime colour spectrum automatically.

An automated lighting system designed by Finely Tuned Technologies can be programmed to achieve this for you.
What is a Smart Home Scene?
A Smart Home Scene involves coordinating multiple smart devices to perform a series of actions simultaneously or in a particular sequence.

For example, you could set up a "Good Morning" scene where, with a single command or at a scheduled time, the lights in the bedroom gradually turn on, the blinds open, and the thermostat adjusts to a comfortable temperature.

"Coming Home" can be another scene that turns on specific lights to the desired colour temperature for that time of day, adjusts the thermostat, and plays your favourite music to welcome you home.



I recently had Finely Tuned Technologies install a Brilliant Smart Home System throughout my house that controls security cameras, music, lights, heating and leak detection. Richard installed all the Smart Home equipment to his usual exacting standard and I am very pleased with the result. I highly recommend the services of Finely Tuned Technologies.


We recently installed a Brilliant Smart Home automation system in our existing home which included lighting control, a smart lock for our front door, a video doorbell, a smart garage door opener, a front driveway security camera, smart thermostats on each floor, voice control for existing ceiling fans, custom lighting scenes and voice control in our home theatre room. What a change it has made to the day-to-day enjoyment of our home. We can control all of our home automation devices with Brilliant using their wall-mounted touch panel, the Brilliant app on our mobile devices, and the built in voice assistant.The icing on the cake was that no new or additional wiring was required from the start to the finish of the project. A zero drywall dust installation - now that’s Brilliant.


I recently had a voice activated Brilliant home automation system installed by Richard Stokes @ Finely Tuned Technologies. As with his A/V and home theatre skills (which I have used for 15 yrs) Richard displays thorough knowledge and ability with his subject. His services are timely, efficient and unparalleled, and he is readily available for any queries before and after services = impeccable. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for your needs.


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